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Starry Skies and Family Ties: Outdoor Family Photoshoot Singapore

                                                “Could have taken more pictures with our family”,                                              guess who is going to utter these words when they grow up.  Not you!
We will make sure you have enough pictures taken to fill your walls up!


Family Is Everything!
Bring in your grandparents and your pets as well.
Why? It’s a family picture, duh!

Why Should You Do an Outdoor Family Photoshoot in Singapore?

“How can we not talk about family when family's all that we got?” 


The Versatility of Outdoor Photoshoots:

Imagine your family's laughter echoing in a park, or the golden sands of a beach framing your smiles. Singapore offers diverse outdoor settings for your family's story, from lush gardens to urban marvels. Choose the backdrop that resonates with your family's personality.


Can’t choose? We have got you covered with some of the best spots for outdoor family photoshoots in Singapore.

Why Only Imagine When You Can Book?


  1. What if it rains on the day we shoot?


We will reschedule for another day that works for you. We also scout covered areas and have raincoats/umbrellas just in case!


  2. How do you recommend we dress for an outdoor family photoshoot?


Opt for bright, solid colors that pop against outdoor scenery. Dark shorts or pants along with comfy shoes are perfect.


  3. How long does an on-location family photoshoot usually take?


We budget 1-2 hours to have time to explore 2-3 location spots and capture a variety of shots.


  4. Can we do some photos outdoors and some in your studio?


Absolutely! Many clients enjoy getting a mix of outdoor and indoor shots. We can easily accommodate this.

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