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Stepping into the World of Filmmaking: Filmmaking Singapore

Filmmaking is a creative and technical process that involves conceptualizing, writing, directing, and editing elements that get into the movie. It includes pre-production, production, and post-production. At Undercutfilmz, we direct and oversee each stage.


Types of Filmmaking

Narrative Films 

It is narration created with well-crafted characters and a solid plot. It requires a scriptwriter to write dialogues and depict scenes to bring the story to life. The inspiration is from various sources such as literature, drama, or personal creativity.


We have expertise in creating low-budget shorts to produce films with the finest storytelling structure.

Documentary Films

They are non-fiction films that document real events and people. It can be educational, journalistic, or entertainment. It shares factual details about real-life occurrences, locations, conflicts, or individuals. 


You need to incorporate authentic footage, interviews, narration, and music to enlighten or convince viewers. These productions can come in diverse formats - Direct Cinema captures unscripted scenes with minimal interference, while Historical Docs delve into significant past incidents. 


Advocacy Docs advocate for a specific viewpoint. Their intentions can span educational, journalistic, or entertainment purposes and can be distributed in theaters, broadcasted on TV networks, or streamed on the internet. 

Experimental Films

Instead of relying on traditional storytelling, these films prioritize form, structure, and cinematic aesthetics. They often play with and challenge established conventions in the film world. 


For such films, we mix a list of fragmented narratives, jarring cuts, optical illusions, and surreal imagery. Rather than aiming for mainstream appeal, their goal is to push creative boundaries and explore new artistic territories. 


We create commercial films with one goal in mind: to showcase a product, brand, or service with creativity. Using captivating visuals, clever storytelling, and persuasive narratives, we aim to capture the attention of our target audience. 


Our films range start from 30 seconds and are distributed through various channels such as television, cinema, online platforms, social media, and websites to ensure maximum reach and engagement.


  1. What services do you offer?

We are a full-service production company offering end-to-end filmmaking services including concept development, scriptwriting, casting, filming, editing, post-production VFX, and more. We create narrative films, commercials, branded content, and digital media.

  2. What is the production process like?

Each project follows our optimized production process including pre-production (concept & script development, storyboarding), production (principal photography, equipment, crew), and post-production (editing, VFX, sound design, scoring). We collaborate closely with clients throughout each phase.

   3. What are your filming capabilities?

We have industry-standard filming equipment including state-of-the-art camera systems, lenses, lighting, and grip, required for all types of shoots. Our team has decades of combined expertise.

  4. How long does production take?

Again, timelines vary by the specifics and complexity of each project. Smaller-scale productions can take a few weeks or months. Larger, visual effects-heavy narratives may take 6 months to a year.

  5. What is your background?

Our award-winning team includes veteran directors, expert cinematographers, creative editors, and producers trained at top film schools around the world. We have created work for leading brands globally.

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