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Indoor Enchantment: Interior Photoshoot Singapore

An interior photoshoot is a special type of photography capturing the interior space of the office, homes, and other buildings. Mostly, the interiors are photoshoot for promotional or for interior design purposes. 


It is a powerful visual tool for architects, designers, real estate agents, and homeowners to communicate the unique qualities and potential of their space and design.


At Undercut Filmz, we showcase the design, architecture, and atmosphere of the space in a visually appealing way. Our work highlights the unique features, layout, and aesthetics of your living space or any particular space which you want to highlight.

Types of Interior Photoshoot

Architectural Photoshoot

  • The photographer uses wide angle lenses to capture every detail of a space, along with its inspiring perspectives. 

  • Intentionally highlight the lighting, lines, shapes, and textures.

  • We often use tilt-shift lenses to control perspective and depth.

  • To ensure the utmost sharpness, a tripod is utilized, especially when utilizing HDR photography techniques. 

  • Natural light from sources such as windows and skylights are often utilized.

Real Estate Photoshoot


  • We use a wide angle lens to capture the entirety of the room.

  • Include close-up shots to highlight intricate details. 

  • Strategically set the stage to showcase it beautifully to potential buyers. 

  • It includes decluttering, arranging furniture, and adding decorative elements.

  • Skillfully balances the natural and artificial light sources to create a visually appealing atmosphere. 

  • Our photographers also make sure to showcase the stunning views and inviting outdoor spaces. 

  • In the post-processing work we eliminate any small flaws and enrich the colors and contrast of the photos.

Commercial Space Photoshoot


  • We capture the distinct brand identity through its vibrant colors, bold logo, and recognizable design elements. 

  • It effectively showcases the utilization of space, featuring sleek desks, versatile meeting areas, and

  • We ensure to include people in the shots to add life to the frames.

  • We make use of strategic lighting to beautifully highlight and enhance the merchandise and products.

  • The end product is stunning pictures that reflect the tone of the brand in a professional and a trendy way.

Residential Space Photoshoot


  • Our photography captures the overall essence of each room inviting viewers to engage with the space. 

  • We maximize the use of natural light to achieve bright and airy shots, especially during daytime.

  • We set the stage with the use of symmetry, patterns, and neutral colors, creating visually pleasing compositions. 

Elevate Your Interior with Our Professional Photoshoots in Singapore

Our interior photographers pay careful attention to composition, framing, and angles to capture the beauty of the space. Our clicks represent the layout and design in a visually engaging manner.


Lighting is crucial in interior photography. Our experts make use of both the natural light and artificial lighting to illuminate the space. The expertise allows us to manage different light sources, strategically place the lighting sources, and balance their intensities, the effect of which you can see in the end result. 


In interior photoshoot, it is common to use wide-angle lenses as they capture the entire space in a single frame. It is especially important when you want to provide a comprehensive look of the interior and wish to cover every aspect of the room.


You need to prepare the room, either bring in props, decorate, rearrange, or introduce an art work and set the stage before the photoshoot. Our photographers bring in the experience of styling and decorating to elevate the look.


After the photoshoot, we go on with editing where we color correct, adjust exposure, and address any distortions present in the photoshoots of the interior.

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