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Capturing Innocence with Grace: Baby Photoshoots 

Why Should You Opt for a Baby Photoshoot?

Opt for a baby photoshoot to preserve precious moments, celebrate milestones, and create an emotional connection. These photos are more than pictures; they're love wrapped in art, gifts for the ages, and the heirlooms of tomorrow. It's not just photography; it's a legacy of love, a masterpiece of moments, and a way to share joy with the world.

Styles to Explore! - Baby Photoshoot Singapore

Our newborn and baby photoshoot in Singapore includes the following styles.

  • The Classic Cuddle - Embrace pure innocence as your little one snoozes in a cozy curl, highlighting those precious hands and feet.

  • Tiny Treasures - Close-up details celebrate every flawless feature, from tiny fingers to toes, sweet lips, and button nose.

  • Whimsical Worlds - Lifestyle settings adorned with toys, books, and delightful props set the stage for enchanting memories.

  • Timeless Monochrome - High-contrast black and white portraits cast a spell of elegance, preserving moments in an ethereal, ageless embrace.

  • Family Ties - Including parents and siblings in the frame strengthens bonds and creates cherished memories to treasure.

  • Themed Adventures - Infuse creativity with charming accessories like blossoms, headbands, tutus, or woodland companions.

We are experts in what we do and specialize in capturing the essence of your space, highlighting its unique features.

Customized solutions

Whether you are looking for interior photoshoots of residential, commercial, architectural, or for real estate, we provide you with customized solutions. We give a modern, traditional, or minimalist look to your space. 


High-end Cameras and Equipment

We have invested in high-quality cameras and the accompanying equipment that are high-end and of the latest technology. When it comes to clarity, quality, and delivery, we ensure that the interior photos speak for themselves.

Our Cozy Studio Awaits!

We provide the ideal controlled environment for newborn photoshoots- warm with plenty of natural light and amenities to keep baby sleeping soundly.


1. How long does a newborn photoshoot session last?

Our newborn sessions typically last 1-2 hours to capture all the shots while the baby is sleepy and cooperative. We work quickly and gently!


2. How soon after birth should I schedule a newborn photoshoot?

Newborn sessions are best in the first 2 weeks when your baby is tiny and sleepy. We recommend booking as soon as you can!


3. What do I bring to a baby/newborn photoshoot?

Just your little one! We provide wraps, blankets, props and take care of everything so you can focus on your baby. However, you are free to bring along your sentimental items.


4. How do I prepare my baby for a photoshoot?

Feed your baby right before coming. Let us handle posing - you just relax, enjoy time with your little one, and we'll capture the magic!

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